Bucket Ripple Ring (6 1/2)

Bucket Ripple Ring (6 1/2)


This ring was hand made from a piece of a bucket that traveled through the ocean and recycled sterling silver. It is a US size 6 1/2 and the top measures 3/4”. It has a dark patina in between the ripples to give the design contrast.

The design of this ring was inspired by the idea that a tiny pebble can send a ripple across a vast lake, just as small actions ripple outward and influence those around us. By choosing to use less plastic and by speaking up you will make ripples that will travel and turn into waves. Every moment is an opportunity to create change.

Please note that this ring is a size 6 1/2 and can’t be resized. If you’d like this design in your size or in a different color, feel free to send me an email and I’ll make one just for you.

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