Detergent Bottle Bryozoan Necklace

Detergent Bottle Bryozoan Necklace


This pendant is made from recycled sterling silver and a hand polished piece of a detergent bottle that traveled a long distance through the ocean. It measures 1 1/4" x 3/4" and is on an 18" long chain. The gem is riveted to the sterling backing with tiny handmade rivets. Because of the varying nature of the ocean plastic and due to being hand made, the gems will differ slightly from the photo.

This metal backing design was inspired by an organism that is sometimes referred to as "lacy crust bryozoan", or Membranipora Membranacea. This organism is often found on marine debris that washes up here in Hawai'i, as pictured to the left. Lacy crust bryozoan is native to the north pacific coastline from AK to northern CA. This organism is considered an invasive species where it doesn't belong, and can negatively impact the life cycle of seaweed. 

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