Gift card policy:

By purchasing a gift card you will be buying a store credit as a gift, amount of your choice, redeemable at as a code at checkout. Gift cards are redeemable for items of equal or greater value. In the event that the balance of the card is not used in entirety, the remaining balance will be displayed at checkout. Leftover a store credit will be retained by gift card holders and can be redeemed using the same code at a later date. The balance will not be refunded as cash value to gifter or giftee. It is the responsibility of the gift card holder to retain the gift card code for their records and for future use. By request, gift cards can be refunded in full if unused.

Taxes and shipping with gift card purchases:

If the item that the gift card holder purchases does not exceed the amount of the gift card, the gift card will cover tax and shipping fully. If the cost of the purchase that the gift card holder makes exceeds the gift card amount, they will be responsible for the remaining balance plus any tax or shipping cost.

Gift cards do not expire.