Seaweed Necklace

Seaweed Necklace


This delicate necklace is 2 1/2” x 1 1/4” and can be made on a your choice of chain length: 16”, 18” or 20”. The seaweed branch has been hand cast in studio from recycled sterling silver. The gem is made from a cut and polished piece of a found plastic basket that traveled a great distance through the ocean to the coast of Hawaii.

This necklace was inspired by seaweed because it is such an important contributor to keeping our oceans and planet healthy. It is a wonderful CO2 sink, it reduces ocean acidification, protects seabeds and is a great sustainable food source!


16” chain for necks 12-13” around

18” chain for necks 14”-15” around

20” chain for necks 16”-17” around

To measure your neck, simply wrap a string around where your neck narrows above your shoulders. Chain length can be made custom lengths upon request. The style of this necklace lends itself to being worn at or slightly below the collar bones but it should be worn wherever is the most comfortable!

Chain Length:
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