Basket Corallite Earrings

Basket Corallite Earrings

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These earrings are made from recycled sterling silver and a hand polished piece of a fishing basket that traveled a long distance through the ocean. They measure 2" x 3/4" including the ear wire. The gems are riveted to the sterling backing with tiny handmade rivets. Because of the varying nature of the ocean plastic and due to being hand made, the gems will differ slightly from the photo.

The design for this piece was inspired by the texture of a corallite, or individual stony cup formed by a coral polyp. With ocean temperatures rising due to global warming, coral reefs are bleaching in great numbers and are on the verge of mass die offs. I hope this design will spark conversations about our coral reefs and the threats posed to them, helping to spark new ideas and change old habits.

Corallite photo courtesy of NMITA

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