Jug Urchin Spine Necklace

Jug Urchin Spine Necklace


This little necklace was made from a plastic jug that floated through the ocean for a long time and found sea urchin spines. All of the metal is 100% recycled sterling silver.

The pendant measures 1 1/4” and is on an 18” chain. A longer chain can be requested for an additional $6.

Sea urchin spines can be delicate so take care not to step on this necklace. The spines have been reinforced along their lengths with silver wire which gives them added strength and stability. Every spine is collected from local beaches here on the Big Island by me. The spines will vary from order to order, just like every plastic gem, so your pendant length may be longer or shorter, darker or lighter. Each piece is unique and each is made with a great deal of care and aloha.

To clean the sea urchin spines, use a gentle natural soap and a soft toothbrush.

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