Sea Urchin Posts

Sea Urchin Posts


These little post earrings are made from a piece of a black buoy and recycled sterling silver. The buoy traveled a great distance through the pacific ocean, breaking into smaller pieces until washing up on the Big Island. It was cut and shaped and polished by hand into the gem that you see set into these earrings.

The posts measure 1/2” by 1” and have black rock-boring sea urchin spines hanging from them. Rock-boring urchins are very hardy creatures, they slowly scrape and grind at the lava rocks and reefs util they have hollowed out a little hole to live in. These earrings were meant to serve as a reminder to be as persistent as a rock-boring urchin, to keep grinding away in your fight against single use plastic.

*Sea urchin spines may not match exactly.

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