Silver Lining Pendant

Silver Lining Pendant


Made from recycled sterling silver and black nurdles*.  These pendants are lightly textured with a black patina on the setting.  Around the setting the finish is bright silver.  

These rings were made as a response to the outcome of the election here in the USA:

Jewelry is my voice, my way of taking action.  Yesterday was a really shitty day for lots of humans who cherish and fight for this planet and its inhabitants.  I cried a lot.  I anguished over the impact of the next 4 years on our planet, the American people and those who trust and rely on the USA.  I was furious, confused, empty.  When I got dehydrated enough that my tears stopped, I got to work.  I made these black nurdle rings, that evolved a silver lining around each setting.  I can't see the silver lining around all of this darkness yet, so I made some.  100% of profits from these rings will be donated to the Union of Concerned Scientists.  If you aren't familiar with their work, visit their website to learn more about their role in stopping climate change, working toward clean energy, reducing the impact of the palm oil industry and so much more.

*nurdles are the pre-production plastic pellets that most plastic consumer goods are made from.  They are often found in great numbers on beaches around the world, and are in the top 10% of ocean plastic polluters.

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