Urchin Jug Earrings

Urchin Jug Earrings


The blue gems in these quirky asymmetrical earrings are made from a plastic jug that floated a long way through the ocean to Hawaii’s coastline. They are also made from recycled sterling silver, sea glass and sea urchin spines.

They measure 2 1/2” including the ear wires, are feather light and effortlessly wearable.

Please keep in mind that sea urchin spines can be delicate, so take care not to crush or bend them. These spines have been drilled and strengthened with a sterling silver “backbone”, so they will hold up to everyday wear if they are taken care of.

If you need to clean the sea urchin spines and glass, take a soft toothbrush and a natural soap and gently scrub and rinse them.

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